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Unfinished Business: Lufia II

Lufia II - Thumbnail

Welcome to the first installment of Unfinished Business, a series where I tackle all those RPGs I failed to finish. We kick it off with Lufia II, a puzzling game with excellent characters!

There and Back Again, a Gamer’s Guide Part Four: The Golden Age and Beyond

Strategy Guide Thumbnail - Part 4

After a trip through time and forgetting how to count, the Strategy Guide saga is coming to an end! This installment explores the wonderful world of print strategy guides and beyond!

A Butterfly Flapped its Wings and I Played Until Dawn

Until Dawn Thumbnail

Butterfly Effect Update: You decided to read this article instead of going out. You live to see another day.

There and Back Again, a Gamer’s Guide: Part 3 – A Newb’s Walkthrough for History

Magazines and phone lines? Did we take a trip back to the early 90s? Travel through time for Part 3 of this Strategy Guide series and delve into the history of strategy guides!

You’ve Unlocked the Cheat Codes Article

Ever wish you had the power to skip life’s many challenges? I don’t have the solution, but I can tell you all about skipping levels in video games.

There and Back Again, a Gamer’s Guide: Part 2 – Do What Now?

Welcome back to Part 2 of my strategy guides series, where I examine video games bleeding into the real world. Want to know more? Unplug your screen and read on!

Tenchu 2: Birth of a Late Gamer

Tenchu 2 Thumbnail

I’m normally one to stick to the shadows, but someone needs to give Tenchu 2 the love it deserves. I give it a Grand Master out 5.

There and Back Again, a Gamer’s Guide: Part 1 – Quest: Impossible

Strat Thumbnail

Nothing quite like a video game pushing you to the brink of insanity. Join me for Part One of my series on strategy guides wherein I discuss the king of cruelty: Sierra Entertainment.

Down on the Farm: Saving Money and Other Life Lessons Harvest Moon Taught Me

Harvest Moon Chicken

Doesn’t waking up at 6AM to water crops, take care of animals, and clean the yard sound fun game mechanics? No? Read on and I’ll convince you otherwise. You might even learn something.

Moonwalking with Master Chief: Using Multiplayer Maps to Hack your Next History Exam

I don’t remember what this article’s about, so let’s step into my memory palace and figure it out together. Don’t mind all the historical figures armed to the teeth.